I have a sizeable team of CAD Designers who were looking for high-performance laptops and workstations. I had a specific budget in mind. The DGauzz team not only reviewed our existing laptops, they identified & exceeded the configuration requirements I needed. I was very happy with the extremely low prices they quoted along with the diligent services they provided. I will definitely go to them for all future requirements read more

Vinod Shamanna | CEO – Axis Architecture & Interior Design

To cater to larger distribution of medical laboratory supplies, I needed to quickly deploy a Inventory Management and CRM solution. I was looking for an economical yet durable hardware option. I came across the DGauzz website through an online marketplace. I reached out to them and in 48 hours they helped install and deploy 7 laptops. Thank you for being part of my dream to help people get affordable medical care across Karnataka

Suresh Bannur | Owner – Suresh Biomedicalsprivate attorney

I expanded my business to service imported-brand cars. A key requirement of my customers was prompt & continuous updates on the progress of the service. I needed an economical & efficient IT Hardware solution and DGauzz provided me an affordable option in a very short time. All my customers are very happy. Thank you guys, you have turned my business around

Subramani G | MD – Vikas Motors Pvt Ltdaccount manager

My decision to become an entrepreneur required me to consider affordable alternatives for my business, the primary requirement being a reliable laptop. I was referred to DGauzz by a mutual friend. I was genuinely pleased with the range of IT products they had on offer. I bought laptops & workstations at a very nice price and the performance is excellent. Looking forward to buying more from them in line with my expansion plans

Sanjeev Wad | CEO – 3rbiztech.comproducer

To keep pace with my Computer Science curriculum (C++ Object Orientation) at college, I needed a laptop with a heavy-duty config ( i7, Octa-core, 8GB, big display etc ). I had a very low budget plus I had to find & buy this config very quickly. I found some options when I searched online but only ‘dgauzz’ gave me all the options I was looking for. I now proudly show off my Lenovo Thinkpad W701ds & all my friends are surprised at the low price I paid for it

Rishabh | Studentbusiness owner